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447 Prince George Street

Williamsburg, VA



+1 757 808 5879

Business Hours

Mon - Sun

9:00 am – 8:00 pm

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Bryant Hailey

I recently purchased a beautiful piece of turkish pottery and I'm absolutely delighted with it! The craftsmanship is exceptional, showcasing intricate designs that truly capture the essence of Turkey's rich cultural heritage. The attention to detail is evident in every brushstroke, making it a stunning decorative item. Also the customer service was superb, I definitely will visit and purchase again in the future!

Thania Concepcion

I am so delighted to say that I visited Kiln Kingdom this afternoon in Colonial Williamsburg and experienced the most delicious Turkish Coffee and desserts. The shop is full of gorgeous authentically hand made Lamps and decor including pottery. I couldn’t resist in purchasing a moon shaped mosaic lamp which has inspired me to completely re decorate my bedroom!!! Best of luck Kiln Kingdom I know you will be a huge success.

Michael McCarty

Met a friend for coffee here and had a wonderful time. Having proper Turkish coffee is a delight. The baklava and other treats are super fresh. There is a great selection of Turkish ceramics and lanterns. This shops is a great new addition to the historic area.
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