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Pottery in the Making

Kiln Kingdom was found over 50 years ago by the owners great-grandfather. In 1955, he discovered his talent by making his first ceramic vase. The more he learned, the more he became successful. He opened his first store in the heart of Istanbul Grand Bazaar in 1958. He was one of the first ones to do handmade ceramic in the Grand Bazaar. It became so popular that many stores opened after his little shop. Right now, there are hundreds of ceramic shops in Istanbul. Colors and motifs of pottery is coming from Ottoman Empire. At this store, you will find many colors and motifs that will take you to million years ago. This talent of his was left for his family when he passed away in 1962 and it became a heritage for the family. Today, they still have their store in Istanbul Grand Bazaar and the artist is the owners brother who had a baby boy last year. His dream is to continue his heritage with teaching him the talent that he has. In the store you will find a huge selection of handmade pottery, bowls, vases, plates, figures, mosaic lamps, tables, mirrors and many more. His talent is fascinating. Everything comes from Turkey, where they started their small business years ago. If you believe in art, this shop is made for you! 

Kiln Kingdom also serves traditional Turkish coffee on the sand with many flavors. They cook the coffee over the sand, Turkish Sand coffee brewing gives the coffee a longer time in the heat, therefore allowing for better preparation. You can also get their homemade pistachio baklava, sobiyet, pistachio roll, original Turkish delights and macarons. If you like art along with dessert and coffee, you should come and visit us today!

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